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Ta Petro

Everyday Convenience Stores

Travel Stores

Revive Your Drive

TravelCenters of America Travel Stores offer convenient, one-stop shopping with prices as low as, or lower, than our competition.

We carry a wide selection of name-brand products, and are stocked with Grab ‘N Go foods, groceries and snacks, plus electronics, maintenance supplies and even clothing and gifts.

We look forward to seeing you and providing you with a warm welcome and friendly service. 

Return Policy & Warranty Registration

World Blends fresh coffee beans

Freshest Roast on the Road!

We offer World Blends Coffee – proprietary blends of beans that perfectly enhance each other, and offer a unique, delicious taste.

Learn More
Cool Cup Fountain Drinks

The Coolest Fountain Drink on the Road

Our Cool Cup fountain drinks can quench even the biggest thirst, and our special cups keep your drink colder, longer – for the Coolest Cup on the Road.

Meet Captain Cool
TA Petro and TA Express store featured deals

This Week's Deals!

We carry a wide selection of name-brand products, and are stocked with Grab ‘N Go foods, groceries and snacks, plus electronics, maintenance supplies, and even clothing and gifts.

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StayFit healthy options at ta, petro and ta express stores

Better for You Snacks

We offer a wide variety of better-for-you StayFit snack options. You’ll find healthier options, such as fresh fruit and veggies, cheese snacks, cereal bars, nuts, yogurt, water and much more.

See Options
sliced ham fresh deli sandwich

Fresh Prepared Deli Favorites

Our delis feature huge sandwiches made with the finest meats, breads and cheeses. The food is fresh and wholesome. In today's world, the sandwich is still a staple in the home and on the road.Dining Options

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